Sunday, December 04, 2005

Pottery Painting

Last year, while out exploring with my friend J, we discovered the most lovely little alleyway leading to a courtyard off of a busy street in Derendorf (a neighborhood in Dusseldorf). The alleway is cobblestoned, and opens up into a lovely courtyard. In this courtyard we found a flowershop, an antique furniture store, a little French cafe, and a paint-your-own-pottery place called Manufattura! The places are so rustic and charming. When J and I were there last spring, we sat and had a wine outside of the cafe and marvelled at the charm of this little hideaway.

It turns out that my friend A also knew of this place, and she and I talked at length last spring about going to paint some pottery. Well, we finally made a date and did it on Saturday! It was great fun - it's a cozy little space, and you feel as if you are in someone's converted small barn. You sit at old wooden tables (there are 3 of them in there - one of them is a long one that probably could seat about 10-12 people; the other two tables seat about 4-5 people), armed with colored glazes, brushes, pencils (for sketching your designs beforehand), and unleash your artistic self. Added bonus? The cafe will bring you your cafe latte. It was so great to just forget about everything and focus on something creative for a few hours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've done that with A and R several times. Recently we made some ornaments, but I wish they would bring me lattes!
Hot Texas Mama

5:10 AM  
Anonymous Emily said...

once again, i'm impressed with your hands-on creativity! snowflakes, pottery, knitting (blogs), etc. i'm inspired! unfortunately i'm at work now and can't do anything hands-on creative. oh well. at least i was inspired!

8:00 PM  

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