Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Jingle Bells?

Monday and Tuesday were a holiday here in Dusseldorf, and since the stores would be closed today (Tuesday), I decided to go into the 'city' to do some shopping yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I went into one of the department stores here to find it completely decorated for Christmas! Christmas?!?! Yesterday was October 31st, not November 25th. Heck, it wasn't even November 1st! I didn't realize that they were crazier here than in the States with Christmas marketing.

My internal clock is a little screwed up - once I see those decorations I start a countdown to Christmas. I'm now feeling as if I only have less than a month until Christmas (which in my case would mean less than a month until I'm home in NYC). Unfortunately, I still have almost 2 months until I get to fly back and see everyone...sigh.


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