Monday, September 26, 2005

Finally back online

Yes, I know it has been awhile since I've posted...I'm sorry. It's been a crazy few weeks (or month) since school started. I've got a full teaching load, and I'm also doing some administrative work - I'm the coordinator for the 3rd & 4th grades. This means that I meet weekly with the other primary school coordinators and with the director of the school to talk about school stuff, as well as to discuss students and any concerns I (or any of the 3rd & 4th grade teachers) have about said students. After I meet with the director, I then have to have meetings with the 3rd & 4th grade teachers to disseminate info. So...all in all, not that exciting, but it's keeping me on my toes, and it also will look good on my resume...

School is going well - I really like my students a lot, which makes a huge difference (I actually don't mind going to school every day, as opposed to last year, when I dreaded it).

Things have also been busy on the non-school front: F and I have gone away a couple of weekends (to Strasbourg, after a friend's wedding, and just this weekend to Hamburg), and the weekends that we haven't gone away have been devoted to some home improvement (in this case that means going to Ikea to buy stuff to help organize and beautify the apartment, and make it more livable for 2 people).

So I will try to update with some detail now...enjoy! (Or laugh, as I'm sure you will after this next post...)


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