Friday, November 25, 2005


It's the day after Thanksgiving, and here in Dusseldorf it's just another day. No crazy 'Black Friday' shopping sprees to signal the official start of the Christmas season (although Christmas lights and decorations were up in stores and around town as of the end of October...). The Weihnachtsmarkt season has officially started, however. So that means that in the center of town there are many little houses/stands set up to sell crafts, food, tchotchkes, Gluehwein (a hot spiced red wine - yum), and other goodies. Think of the Union Square Holiday Market, and you get the idea. But I digress...

I started out talking about was a little strange to realize that I wasn't going to be spending it with my family back in Brooklyn this year. I know my friends at school were feeling the same way about missing the festivities with their families back in the US, so one of them decided to hold T-day at her place. Well, there will be around 21 of us going over there tomorrow, food in hand. She's making the turkey and stuffing; the rest of us are bringing everything else: several pumpkin and squash related items, veggies, bread, desserts, and - oh yes - wine.

I mentioned to my friend A that this will be the first Thanksgiving without the traditional family dysfunction. We won't be falling into our usual roles as we do when we are with family. Should be interesting...I'll let you know how it goes...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What family dysfunction??!!

6:00 PM  
Blogger Kath said...

I hope there was no food-related drama, like there was at our house when the roast rack collapsed. Could you hear Snidey cussing all the way in Germany?

6:33 PM  
Blogger franciscovna said...

Nope, no food-related drama, although the transfer of the bird from the rack to the serving dish was a little dicey (my friend couldn't find a roast rack here, so she improvised and put the turkey directly on the rack in the oven, and just had the pan underneath to catch all the juice and drippings).

6:55 PM  

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