Monday, May 21, 2007

All Aboard!

So it has been awhile...however, I've rediscovered my blogging mojo with the events of this past weekend...a ride on the Party Tram! Here in D'dorf one can rent an old tram (holds /seats 60, with standing room) that will take you around D'dorf and environs for a few hours. You bring your own refreshments and food, pile on, and enjoy! This trip was in honor of a colleague/friend's husband's birthday - they rented the Party Tram, picked a route, invited a bunch of people, included a live band (my friend, the accordion-playing teacher, is bass player in another band), and away we went!

We made a few stops along the way (bathroom breaks, and stretching-your-legs breaks), and mingled and noshed and were merry.

It was a gorgeous day, and the coolest part of it was that my mom was able to partake in the festivities (she was visiting this past week, before she headed off to Venice and Paris - what a life, eh?).

On previous Saturdays, I have found myself waiting (impatiently) for the tram to spirit me into 'the city', only to find that what I thought was my ride was really the Party Tram - it always gave me a giggle to watch it sail by, its occupants clearly enjoying their ride. This time, I got to be the one waving to onlookers with gaping mouths.


Blogger Kath said...

Wow, that is so cool. They have Party Buses in Murfreesboro. I think we should start a party car on the G train.

Great that your mom got to join you.

8:04 PM  
Blogger Virginia Woof said...

good stuff! ps - are you ever coming back home - or does fair DSorf now have claim to that dear term??

8:48 AM  

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