Friday, March 09, 2007

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

New York has the Idiotarod, and Germany has the Wok WM (the Wok World Cup). We just turned on the TV to find this taking place LIVE. It's like bobsledding, except the course is run on a wok. That's right, a wok.

It was started as a joke, conceived by Stefan Raab, the host of TVTotal, a popular talk/variety show. However, it has morphed into an annual, I mean competition, complete with big corporate sponsors (Burger King, SEAT, Liebniz cookies, etc), and live coverage. Of course they make fun of the drivel that sports commentators spew, but otherwise it looks like any other major sporting event. And it attracts some real characters (the one that just 'raced' was weighted down with lead, and only managed one word answers while staring ahead into space, presumably trying to stay 'in the zone' before his go).

In any case, it is amusing to watch. What a way to spend Friday night, eh?


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