Monday, November 13, 2006

Better Late Than Never...

So, I mentioned that we have had other visitors since I moved here. One of the many was Emily, who came last spring for a little over a week. I was off for spring break then, so was actually able to hang out. We travelled to Cologne, a must for anyone who comes to D'dorf - not only is it beautiful, you also get to visit the Chocolate Museum! Here she is enjoying her heavenly hot chocolate in the museum cafe.

We also took a trip to Amsterdam, where we stayed in the Garden Room of the lovely Hanna Penso bed & breakfast. The owner stocked our mini fridge with eggs, juice, milk, jam, butter; provided a coffee maker, water kettle, tea pot, coffee, egg cooker...hmm, what else? Oh yes, every morning she went to the bakery and got fresh rolls (whatever we wanted) and left them hanging on the doorknob for us to retrieve when we got up. The best part? Our little garden table outside, where we ate (even though it was a little chilly out).

We did lots of other stuff, wandered all over Amsterdam (and also some in Dusseldorf). I'll close with a pic of us in Vondelpark.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! that looks like such fun! Like the best vacation ever! I'm so jealous.

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