Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Got You Already a Man?"

This is an exact quote from one of my first graders. He basically wanted to know if I was married, as a husband here is called a 'mann'. The combination of his height, his earnest look up at me, and his little voice sent me into a fit of giggles. Then he asked, "Is that your man?" about my colleague R, with whom I had just been chatting in passing. What I'm realizing is that 1st graders really can't imagine that teachers have any kind of life outside of school, so they match you up with other teachers - hey, I was talking with a male teacher = he must be my man!

In the past 3 weeks there have been many other funny moments like that one - random comments in the middle of lessons, interesting questions, odd curiosities. It makes every day an adventure - when they raise their hands during a lesson, I don't know if they are going to tell me that they sharpen their pencils at home, or if they are going to answer a question I've just asked. It's a roll of the dice. And I love it. I am so enjoying these students and teaching this year. It is more exhausting (esp because I get to teach them everything), but it's so fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They do ask some amusing and challenging questions. All in one day, A asked me:
Wouldn't it be great if it rained marshmallows? Who made G-d? Did G-d come from a volcano and dinosaur skin? How do babies get in a mommy's belly? How do babies get out of a mommy's belly? I had an easier time with the questions about babies....

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Tom said...

Does Florian know about this other man?

7:34 PM  
Blogger franciscovna said...

that would be the other 'mann'. two n's. big difference. and, no, he doesnt' know - i'm trying to keep it hush-hush. lo

11:08 PM  

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