Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gettin' Me Some Sexy

Ok, I think it is time to come clean and admit that I am going to see JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE in concert!!! We* bought the tickets back in October or November, and were pretty calm about the whole thing after the initial excitement (pretty much everyone at school knew we were going). We splurged and got seats right up front...sigh. And now his tour has started, and from the press he's getting, we will not be disappointed (unfortunately, we probably won't be treated to 'Dick in a Box').

*The 'we' is the girls, not F & I. Although he has expressed his enjoyment for 'What Goes Around...' while listening in the car...


Blogger Working Mom said...

I'm Gettin' Me Some Elmo at Sesame Street Live this coming weekend. Jealous?

2:59 AM  

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