Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What is Going on Here?

So I'm home alone tonight (F is visiting his sister in Hamburg), and I'm actually watching a soccer match. Not because I have to, not because F is watching, but because I want to. Hmm. The match is Germany vs. Cyprus. And while I have my usual reasons for watching - Michael Ballack, David Odonkor, and now Clemens Fritz (yum) - I am also interested in the outcome.*

Oh, one of the players from the German national team is currently playing for a Bundesliga team that is close to our school, and his daughter is enrolled here - he was actually here for parent/teacher conferences yesterday. my warped little brain, I am separated by one degree from Michael Ballack - the two of them still play together on the natl. team - maybe I have a chance after all? (Sorry F!)

OH! In other soccer-related news: I was recently made aware of the fact that many urinals in men's restrooms have a little something extra, a little something fun to occupy the boys while relieving themselves. Are you ready for this? The urinals are equipped with soccer goals. Some of them have an actual little soccer ball hanging that one can try to 'direct' into the goal; otherwise the goal is just to pee into the net. Now, lest you think I am joking, I have actually seen it with my own eyes. I don't even know what to say. Next time I'm taking a picture.

*Let's see if I actually make it through the match - I've become addicted to 'Grey's Anatomy', and have the whole 2nd season to get through...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grey's Anatomy wins, hands down!

4:18 AM  

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