Friday, February 17, 2006

E's Corner

Today I am debuting a new feature on this blog, "E's Corner". While this violates the 'mission statement' of this blog (which is to write about life in Dusseldorf), I am doing this because E is a really funny person, and as she doesn't have time to maintain her own blog, I am going to be posting snippets from her emails that I find particularly funny. Here goes...

my v-day night:
1. worked with the half-cute, half-annoying manager at xx. i enthusiastically worked my ass off to show what an A+++ employee i am (after my past 1.5 weeks of e-as-troublemaker nonsense)! he was soooo thankful. i'd better hear about how he raved about my excellent work habits soon, so everyone can stop worrying that i'm a slacker.

2. i got about 100 compliments on my heart sweater, and every time i would cry out "thank you! happy valentine's Day!!!"

3. my coworker had gotten me a box of chocolates (oddly enough). but before i even got there, this TOTALLY annoying guy i barely know (and don't like) had already opened my sealed box and taken about 4 chocolates for himself. i (and everyone else around) was so pissed. that's some nerve, esp. from someone i don't like.

4. i ate a chocolate heart-shaped lollipop from (yes you guessed it) m's wife, and enjoyed flaunting it to all my coworkers.

5. we were packed, had record-breaking godiva sales, and the small section of valentine's day cards had a constant crowd around it all night long, with people reaching over each other to snag last minute (literally! till 11pm) valentines day cards for their forgotten sweethearts. some married guy totally and disgustingly flirted with my coworker while asking for gift suggestions for his wife. creepy! there were even guys sheepishly buying romance novels. it was the greatest night ever!


so i think i'm in love with my book, is that possible?
-i smile at random when i think about it (which is basically all the time, though i suppose i'm not actually smiling all the time).
-my heart races and my breath quickens when i'm about to start reading it.
-i sit around and analyze the characters' motivations and thoughts all day long.
-i have a strange feeling of excitement and anxiety. i can't wait to read it but dread it being over.
-i lose track of time when i'm with it, and convince myself that no one will notice if i'm back a few minutes later from break (and then feel guilty, while i smile to myself, when i'm back).

is that love?
if it's wrong, i don't want to be right!


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Oh, you must tell what book it is!!

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